Tips on When You Need to Contact Roof Contractors in Amelia OH

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Roofing

A homeowner’s roof has to withstand Mother Nature’s elements -; rain, sun, ice, snow, wind and hail, all take their toll on a home’s roof. Unless there are overt signs of roof damage such as water dripping from the ceiling, deciding whether one’s roof is in need of repair or replacement, is not always readily determined by the homeowner. Fortunately, Roof Contractors in Amelia OH are able to help homeowners in making the determination. The following are some indications that one might need the services of a professional roofing company:

     *     Interior Leaks – The first place to look for water damage is the home’s attic. The rain that falls straight down does not usually get in even through a damaged roof until the damage is advanced. Conversely, rain blown horizontally during a storm will penetrate a damaged roof, serving as an early indicator to the homeowner. Water in the attic is sometimes an indication that the roof’s flashing has lifted or pulled away from the chimney or not properly installed in the first place.

     *     Shingle Damage – As shingles belong on a roof, and not on the ground, finding them there indicates a problem. Shingles that are buckled are an indication that the roof that is not ventilated properly or that the shingles were not installed properly. Lifted, curled or missing shingles signal a damaged roof especially when spread across the entire roof. When shingles lose their granular asphalt coating, they become patchy or blotched in appearance. This can be confirmed by finding granules in the roof’s gutters.

     *     Storm Damage – Hail often accompanies a severe storm and causes significant damage to a home’s roof requiring replacement. Roof Contractors in Amelia OH will conduct an inspection to determine the extent of the damage and make recommendations. Most homeowners insurance plans cover roof replacement due to hail damage.

No matter the extent of the damage that is found, the best choice is to Contact Campbell Roofer, as soon as possible. Putting off repairs or replacement only increases existing problems. Many roofing companies even offer free estimates and discounts for senior citizens, veterans, and military personnel.

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