How Often Do You See Your Dentist in West Covina?

by | May 30, 2015 | Dentist

Neglecting your dental health is one of the worst things you can do for your body. A healthy mouth is crucial for overall health since this is the gateway into the internal areas of the body. Research carried out over the years has proven the health of a person’s smile is in direct correlation with the health of major body systems like the cardiac system. When cavities and gum disease strike, these can cause ramifications that can affect other areas of a person’s health.

Those who neglect to see their Dentist in West Covina are not doing all they can to protect their oral health. Even if a person is brushing and flossing daily, there are dental services that need to be carried out by a dentist. Preventative care appointments allow the dentist to properly care for a patient’s smile by performing services that protect the teeth and gums and finding issues that need to be treated.

Patients need to make sure they see their Dentist in West Covina every six months. Recent studies have suggested patients can benefit even more by seeing their dentist four times a year. At these appointments, the teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned and treated for better oral health.

Cleaning treatments are crucial because they remove the tartar and plaque people often miss when they brush and floss. If these substances are left on the teeth, they can cause decay. At a cleaning appointment, the hygienist also treats the teeth with a strong fluoride to ensure the enamel stays strong and protective.

Not only is the cleaning portion of these appointments important, but the examination is too. X-rays and full examinations can reveal hidden oral health concerns a patient may not even be aware are there. This screens for oral cancer, cavities and gum disease. When found early, these are all more easily treated.

If you have been neglecting the health of your smile, it is time to call West Covina Family Dentistry. They offer a wide array of dental services to keep your smile healthy and strong. Call them today and schedule your preventative dental appointment

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