Making A Choice In Aluminum Flat Bar

by | May 29, 2015 | Business

There are many different applications and uses of the aluminum flat bar. Depending on the alloy and the thickness of the bar, it can be used in everything from aerospace to marine designs as well as in construction.

Choosing the right aluminum flat bar is a factor of the specific use for the product. This allows you to match the strength to weight ratio, the corrosion resistance, and the other features of the specific type of bar to your usage requirements.

Flat Bar

The flat bar is just what it sounds like it would be. It is not tubing and not square in shape, but instead it is flat and comes in a variety of different thicknesses. These thicknesses range from as thin as 1/16th to a thick as 1 inch.

It is also possible to choose the custom thickness of aluminum flat bar from a company offering custom extrusions. These types of custom products are often used in prototypes and new applications.

Using Aluminum Bar

Aluminum in all forms is used in any construction or fabrication where the goal is a lightweight yet very durable end product. This is why you will find aluminum flat bar used in aircraft as well as in the aerospace industry. It is also used in the marine construction industry for the same reasons, plus with the right alloy it is very resistant to corrosion, even from salt water and spray.

There are some cautions about using the aluminum flat bar in construction and fabrication. The biggest issue is in processing the bar as precision cutting is critical for these applications.

This is why the top companies are offering aluminum flat bar also provide value-added services such as precision cutting, punching, drilling or countersinking as well as forming and bending. When the aluminum company prepares the bar for you there is less waste, and you will ensure all standards are met for your construction and fabrication needs.

Handling and Shipping

While aluminum flat bar is strong and durable, it does need to be handled correctly during loading, packing, and shipping. By working with a company only selling aluminum, you can be assured your order will arrive in top condition. When it is shipped with other metals and not correctly prepared for shipping, waste and damage from shipping will be an issue.

Buying your aluminum flat bar and having all the prep-work done by the company is always the best option. It is also possible to specify a color and finish or use the standard mill or satin clear anodized finish to get just the look you need.

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