How Protecting Machinery Parts with Carbide Hardfacing Helps the Machinery Owners

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Metal

Heavy machinery and machines that encounter abrasive wear may need to be protected, and one way to do that is by using a hardfacing technique, also known as hard resurfacing. Hardfacing is a welding technique that entails adding filler metal material to surfaces of equipment. The filler material is added to the base material used to make the equipment. The procedure helps provide a fast yet efficient way of protecting compact equipment from wear, and for less money. Carbide is one of the products used to hard resurface a base material of equipment. Here are ways in which carbide hardfacing can help machinery owners:

Improve Productivity

When equipment such as bulldozers, grinding hammers, and trenchers have to be grounded because their parts are worn out, it means that a company may experience downtimes in its operations. The delays in working on projects can amount to reduced productivity. However, when the parts subjected to abrasion and wear such as bulldozer blades and trencher teeth are hardfaced, it gives them extra protection. This way, the machines can endure in their work ensuring that projects do not have to be delayed as other parts are sought.

Reduce Costs of Operations

If you have to replace bulldozer blades and other machinery parts that are subjected to wear, it becomes costly for your business. It can put a financial burden on your business if you will be replacing these parts every now and then. You can however, reduce the costs by ensuring that the parts vulnerable to wear are protected through a cost effective technique like hardfacing.

Extend Life of Machinery

Applying carbide hardfacing on machinery parts will provide a layer of protection meaning that the parts will not wear out fast. This way, the machinery and parts will operate for an extended time without needing repair or replacement. And, extending the life of machinery translates to lower operational costs.

Investing in heavy machinery and other consumable components is something that requires a lot of money. Without protecting those equipment and machinery, it is likely to result in losses to the users. That is why the parts that are likely to wear out may need to have an extra layer of protection using the right material and technique such as carbide hardfacing.

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