Practical Advantages To Pre-Planning Your Funeral

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Funeral Home

As you age, you come to realize the old adage that “you can’t take it with you” is actually true. The time to plan what to do with your estate and how to handle your final farewell can actually be planned ahead of time best by no one other than you. Who knows what would be a waste of money and what would be money well spent? That’s right, YOU. So, when you have a little time on your hands, know that there are definite Funeral Pre-Planning Advantages.


It may seem like a simple matter, but these days, there are a number of options for the disposal of your remains. Perhaps you want to go the traditional manner and be buried. That’s fine, but you will need to pick out a casket and cemetery ahead of time. There are discounts for purchasing these items in advance and it takes a large burden off of your family when the time comes. Other options include the less costly cremation, or the Eternal Reef option. This option allows the deceased to have their remains mixed with concrete and placed in spots where reefs are in need of restoration. They attract fish and other such organisms, turning the remains into an underwater habitat.THE CEREMONY

What type of funeral ceremony do you want to celebrate the life you’ve lived? Should it be a solemn affair? One of the Funeral Pre-Planning Advantages is that if you want quiet hymns and a preacher you’ve loved your entire life to speak, then you can put that down in writing so your loved ones know just who to contact. Do you have someone whose voice you love? Ask them ahead of time if they would sing at your funeral when the time comes. It’s better to ask ahead of time so they’re prepared with a selection. On the other hand, if this is just not “you”, and you would prefer stories told about the gold old days, fun times you’ve had, go ahead and pick out pictures of those times so you approve of the way you looked, and talk to some of your friends. Tell them when the time comes, you’d like them to talk at your funeral. Leave details of how you’d like it to be.

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