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3 Reasons to Choose Cremation Services in Hamilton OH

Today, 40% of deaths in the US involve cremation, which is a substantial increase over the past several decades. People are increasingly choosing cremation for a variety of reasons, such as increased mobility, greater religious freedom and fewer family traditions. This guide explores some of the most important aspects of Cremation Services in Hamilton OH, to help families decide whether this form of body disposition is the right choice.

Lower Cost

Cremation is typically less costly than a conventional funeral. According to data from the National Funeral Directors’ Association, the average cost of a funeral in the US is over $6500, which doesn’t include the burial plot, headstone and miscellaneous costs. However, the average cost of a cremation is $1650, including a plain urn and a basic memorial. When considering costs, families should note that cremation is not a rejection of tradition. It’s simply an option for body disposition, and families can still hold a ceremony if they choose to do so.

Flexible Options

Because the body starts to decompose shortly after death, funeral services and burial should occur quickly. Because the family must arrange committal and funeral services and allow far-away relatives time to get to the location, services typically occur within ten days of death. After cremation, however, there’s no rush to do anything with the remains. This allows families to focus on grieving without dealing with the minutiae of planning a funeral service.

Environmental Benefits

These days, greenness is a matter of opinion. While it’s not as eco-friendly as a natural burial or alkaline hydrolysis, cremation is better for the Earth because it doesn’t use formaldehyde-based fluids, nor does it require the use of a large burial plot. Many options for the disposal of cremated remains require no land use, such as storing them in an urn or scattering them somewhere meaningful. Even when families bury an urn or put it in a columbarium, the land usage requirement is still less than that needed to bury a conventional casket.

While some families still want a traditional funeral for their loved ones, Cremation Services in Hamilton OH are a viable alternative for many. By considering the benefits listed here, families can make an informed decision during a trying time.

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