How To Change Doctors In Maui

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Healthcare

If dissatisfied with their current doctor, many patients will begin to look around Maui for other medial offices to switch health physicians. The two steps in this process involve leaving the current office and then also searching for a new viable doctor in the area. When looking to switch Doctors in Maui, it’s a good idea to ask the current office for a referral. In many cases, the current doctor’s office will have a primary hospital or smaller doctor’s office that they refer to. However, it’s also possible for the patient to request a referral to a specific office of their own choosing. The transition when switching Doctors in Maui can be an entirely easy process.

The first step is finding a new medical office. The new office should have an experienced doctor and helpful staff of nurses. It can be a good idea to talk with friends and relatives to see which doctors that they personally recommend. The patient’s current doctor may also make recommendations based on the patient’s health status and medical history.

Once a new doctor’s office has been located, it’s time to have personal medical records sent to the new doctor’s office. This can be a lengthy process in some situations, especially if the two offices have different filing systems. Some medical offices may use electronic medical record keeping methods while others may still use hard copy methods in their office. During this process, it’s a good idea to remain patient and see how the new office is able to communicate with the patient’s previous medical office.

Finding a new doctor can be a liberating and exciting experience for many people and then nerve-wracking for others who may worry about seeing a new health physician. Wailea Medical Center and Urgent Care may be an option for someone who is looking to switch doctors. They have two primary care physicians named Dr. Annelle Onishi and Dr. Heather Bejenaru, and their facility serves people of all ages. If a patient is looking for a family doctor, this particular office could be a great option.

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