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It’s Hard, But You Need To Talk To A Wrongful Death Attorney in Auburn, CA

Drivers who aren’t paying attention to what they are doing are responsible for the majority of motor vehicle accidents. They didn’t intend to harm anyone, but were being irresponsible. Whether they were on the phone, eating, talking to a passenger or simply not paying attention to what they were doing, they were responsible for the accident. Someone else paid a very heavy price for their negligence.

After the accident, at some point there will be a visit from an insurance adjuster. While this person may appear to be compassionate and helpful, that is not their job. They are paid to settle claims for as little as possible. Their jobs and paychecks depend upon small settlements. If their initial offer is refused, the nice, compassionate person will never be seen again.

A common tactic used by insurance companies is to say that the victim’s injuries were ‘pre-exisitng’. It’s possible that the victim did have an injury that he had received before the accident, but this is seldom the case. Generally, all of the injuries were caused by the accident. This will not stop the insurance company from trying to bully the victim’s family, hoping that they will assume full or partial responsibility for the accident. Confrontations (otherwise known as negotiations) between the insurance company and the victim or victim’s family are apt to be pretty one-sided. After all, this is what the insurance adjuster does for a living. Once an attorney has been retained, the attorney will negotiate with the insurance company on the family’s behalf.

After a Wrongful Death Attorney in Auburn CA has been retained, they will immediately begin to investigate the accident. Obviously, the sooner after the accident that this can be done, the better. This investigation is critical in a wrongful death lawsuit. The police report by itself is never enough. Witnesses need to be found and evidence located before it disappears. Figuring out the cause of the accident and of the death is usually complicated, but must be done. It’s possible that the wrongful death lawsuit will ultimately go to court, but most cases are settled outside of court.

Sevey Donahue and Talcott Law Firm will put a team, including medical professionals, to work to fight for just compensation for the accident. Each skilled Wrongful Death Attorney in Auburn CA will provide the sound legal guidance that is needed. Browse the website and contact them to schedule a free case evaluation.

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