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How to Design Wood Panel Doors

How to Design Wood Panel Doors

Sure, you could visit any home improvement store and purchase a basic wood panel door. It is likely to lack any true interest and is likely to be a hollow core door. This is not what you want. Instead, why not choose a company specializing in wood panel doors to help you create a stunning option for your home? You could find these doors are far more attractive, especially when you can design them to fit your needs and tastes.

Start with the Wood

When buying wood panel doors, a good place to start is with the wood itself. You can choose from a variety of products. Knotty Alder is a popular and reliable option. However knotty pine and knotty cedar also attractive. Each one is unique in terms of its wood grain. However, you can choose them in any stain color or go with an unstained variety.

Special Sizing Is an Option

Perhaps you are looking for panel doors to add to the bedrooms of your home. But, you want an odd sized door. This is an option in many cases. You are able to choose doors a bit taller or wider. You can even select one with a rounded top to add a dramatic feel to your space.

Custom Orders Make It Possible

There are plenty of ways you can make these doors more customized. Choose the wood type and color, but also the details. You can even add hand carving to them. The key here is to make them as unique as you want the space to be.

Wood panel doors are something that takes just a little thought to make unique and special. Anyone who invests in high quality doors like this is adding true value to their home that basic doors cannot add.

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