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How to Improve Staff Safety at Your Oilfield

How to Improve Staff Safety at Your Oilfield

It’s no secret that Canada’s oilfield employees are some of the hardest-working and most at-risk on their job sites. So, how do those in charge of Calgary oilfield construction and management prevent accidents and injuries? Here are just a few of the ways Canadian oilfield management professionals can take care of their employees:

Identify Risks

The first step in creating a safer oilfield location for your employees is identifying and eliminating risks. This includes surveying past data, current locations, and possible solutions to ongoing problems. This is done during the oilfield construction phase to make keeping people safe easier for management.

Perform Housekeeping as Necessary

Oil is messy by nature, but that doesn’t mean your site has to be unkempt. An unclean oilfield location will create more risks for injury. Maintaining cleanliness and keeping things out of the way of foot traffic will keep you from losing manpower due to painful and costly injuries. It will also improve overall working conditions – no one wants to work at a dirty site!

Dress (Your Employees) for Success

Employees should be outfitted with proper personal protective equipment while on the job at oilfields. This may include hats, visors, ear and eye protection, gloves, specialty shoes and even overall clothing. The amount of protection required depends on each employee’s job at your site.

In addition to being practical, your employees’ protective gear should also be as comfortable as possible. One of the primary reasons that injuries occur is that employees are uncomfortable wearing their proactive gear and remove it. While they may believe this is okay, even removing your gear for a short period can be very dangerous. Ensure that gear fits properly and is comfortable enough for round-the-clock wear while on-site. This will keep your employees safe and keep you from wasting money on gear they won’t wear!

Proper oilfield construction is only part of the solution. Make sure you outfit your employees with every tool and technique they need to stay healthy and prevent injury on the job. They’ll stay happier and healthier, – and your site will stay productive!

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