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Steps You Can Take to Qualify for Lemon Law

Steps You Can Take to Qualify for Lemon Law

To ensure you qualify for Lemon law action within most states, there are steps you need to take. The following are a few things to keep in mind, so when you contact a Kansas Lemon Law or Florida Lemon Law attorney, you are prepared to move forward.

Take Your Vehicle In For Repair ASAP

As soon as you become aware of any abnormality within your vehicle, take it back to the dealership for repair. The slightest oil leak or odd jerking motion could indicate a problem that, over time, could become significant.

If The Problem Isn’t Fixed

Return the vehicle to the dealer and inform them the malfunction is still there. If after the second time the repair hasn’t been fixed, return it once again asking that they pay special attention. It’s after the third failed repair (required by most states) you as a consumer should consider you have a possible ‘lemon’.

Document All Repairs

While the dealer will keep records of each repair, you also should keep records of the dates you took the vehicle in. Also, record the dates you recognized the repair did not fix the problem.

Be Kind

Trust that your mechanic is trying to make the repair right. Sometimes the repair isn’t going to take if the car qualifies as a lemon. Be kind to the folks at the desk. Further action won’t necessarily be directed toward them. Further action is to protect your investment in a reliable vehicle.

After the third attempt to repair the vehicle in Florida for the same defect, it’s time to reach out to a Florida Lemon Law attorney.

Now that you’re prepared, your Florida Lemon Law attorney at Krohn & Moss, Ltd., is ready to get you on track with a functioning vehicle.

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