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How To Install A Solar Tube

How To Install A Solar Tube

If you’re thinking about installing a solar tube, you must be thinking about taking steps towards a more energy efficient household. Solar tubes are one of the most inexpensive skylights on the market. Solar tubes are a wonderful way to flood your room with beautiful natural light. Sun filters through a standard hi impact acrylic dome and then travels through a highly reflective solid aluminium tube and meets the prismatic diffuser. This diffuser looks like an electric light fixture. It is extremely effective at maximising the spread of natural light.

Installing Natural Light

Installing a solar tube can take a trained professional less than two hours. The flashing used in skylight systems will ease worries you may have about leaks in your roof. Other than that, installation is pretty straightforward. If you’re pretty handy, you may even be able to install your own skylight. Typically, tubular skylights come in kits with hardware including angled adapters (elbows) and step-by-step instructions, making installing your skylight a pretty simple process that any DIY homeowner can take care of with typical DIY tools. While installation is fairly simple, if you are not at all certain you can handle the project or are not comfortable working on your home’s roof, than contact a professional to come out and take a look at the project.

Concrete, Terracotta And Corrugated Trimdeck Oh My!

You’ll need specific instructions depending on what material your roof is surfaced in. The skylight kit you purchase should have these instructions either online or available for you when the kit is delivered. For the purposes of this article, a quick rundown of installing on a corrugated trimdeck will be covered:

  • Push a small nail or pin through where you’d like the skylight to be placed.
  • From inside the roof, find the pin or nail and ensure there is enough clearance for the fixture. To locate this space from outside the roof, a wire or tech screw can be used. Once the area is marked from the inside and out of the roof, you are ready to install the skylight.
  • From here it becomes a process of properly installing the flashing provided by your skylight’s kit and making the proper measurements, drilling and cuts. It’s a fairly simple process for someone with moderate to advanced tool skill levels, but not for a novice or beginner.

These instructions are not intended for skylight instruction, but provided for the example of whether or not you think you’d be able to take on the project yourself. If you have any questions, contact a skylight installation and retailer in your area.


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