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Shopping for Cigar Humidors 

Shopping for Cigar Humidors 

Are you new to the world of fine cigars? If so, you’ll want to take plenty of time to explore the best smokes in the world and when you buy your smokes, you’ll need somewhere to store them. Most men choose cigar humidors for storage and for good reason. A humidor will keep your cigars fresh and ready for you whenever you need one. However, what kind of humidor should you buy? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Size Matters

One of the biggest mistakes you can make, is to buy cigar humidors too small. If your storage space is not large enough, you’ll have to buy another one. This is why it’s best to err on the side of caution. Determine how many cigars you will be storing and increase this amount by 100 percent. For instance, if you want to keep 20 cigars, buy something which will hold at least 40. Remember, when it comes to humidors, bigger is better.

Where to Shop for Cigar Humidors

Once you have a humidor size in mind you can go shopping and begin making comparisons. However, when you check with local cigar shops you may notice high prices. To get the lowest price, check out online suppliers. You should see a big difference in prices when you shop online.

If you plan to collect fine cigars from all over the world, don’t go cheap with your humidor. It would be like investing in vintage wines and storing them in a pantry. You can find some excellent tower cigar humidors but they tend to be expensive. However, you are protecting a sizable investment if you have a thousand or more fine cigars in storage.

Here is another tip. Suppose you are looking for cigar humidors to store about 500 smokes. Consider a beautiful end table humidor, and some of these models are very affordable. This kind of humidor will serve two purposes.

Location Location

Just like real estate, location is also important for cigar humidors. Where is the humidor going to stay? Smaller humidors can easily sit on a dresser, but the large models may need a room space all their own. Consider location before you buy.


If you are going to smoke cheap cigars, there’s no need to buy a humidor. However, when you plan to enjoy fine smokes you need a fine humidor, so get the best one your budget can afford. Also, when buying fine flavored cigars, they may need small cigar humidors of their own. This will keep them from affecting the taste of your other smokes.

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