How to Install Terrazzo Shower Base

SFGate says terrazzo floors are durable, easy to maintain and have a range of picks you can choose from. All those things make it an ideal choice for your shower base.

If you want to install it, DIY Style, here are steps to help you out:

1. Measure the shower floor

You need this to know what size of terrazzo tiles to get and how many. Don’t forget to factor in the spot of the shower drain.

2. Use a wet saw to cut the lines

You don’t have to buy one, though, especially if you’re only going to use it that one time. Rent one instead.

3. Pinpoint the center of your shower floor

Use chalk lines to mark the center spot.

4. Dry-fit the tiles

This way, you can make adjustments in case one or two or a few don’t fit.

5. Spread the waterproof tile adhesives

Be organized about it. Use the chalk to draw quadrants to help you get a handle on where to put your tiles.

6. Lay the tiles

Start with the center of the floor. Use the level to make sure the tiles are evenly flat.

7. Give it 12 hours

Don’t try to rush or proceed ahead of time. You’ll end up undermining all the work you did.

8. Wipe off the excess grout

After 12 hours, you can now start removing the excess grout. A moist sponge is deal. Rinse it and wring it between wipes to get rid of the moisture and grout. Then give the grout enough time to cure.

9. Apply a sealer

Choose a sealer that’s waterproof.

10. Cover with a no-slip treatment

This is going to make your tiles safer to stand on.

And if you find that the work entails a bit more of your time and effort than you might have initially guessed, you can always call in for pros to get this done for you easily enough.

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