10 Ways to Drive Rentals Through Social Media

About 65,000 percent of adults in the U.S. now use social media sites, says the Pew Research Center. That means tons of people are spending time on social media channels and platforms every day. As a property owner or manager, you shouldn’t miss out on an excellent opportunity to connect to that huge audience. Here are some ways you could boost rental interest online through social media:

1. Post photos on Pinterest

Set the stage at your home and then pepper your Pinterest page with these shots. The lovelier they are, the better.

2. Answer questions on Twitter

A lot of people post location-dependent questions about apartments or rental spaces in cities and states. Look for those. It’s a great way to reach out to some potential tenants. This is especially helpful if you’ve always looked for tenants the old-fashioned way: by posting a sign on the door or gate.

3. Create a local blog

Provide news and information about upcoming local events and activities along with rental updates.

4. Use Google Plus

People search for everything these days, from food and restaurants to the perfect rental. Your Google Plus account boosts your exposure.

5. LinkedIn is your friend

Get in touch with prospects on LinkedIn. Start by creating a home page for your rental.

6. Host video tours

That should give renters an exciting look inside your property.

7. Know your demographic

Figure out what your region’s demographic is, and then use that as a jumping point to determine their interests. Be active in those circles to improve rental interest.

8. Use YouTube

Post video tours of your home.

9. Add tweetable quotes

These help your posts drive more traffic to your site, says Quick Sprout.

10. Repost Infographics

People like numbers and figures. Provide them with useful information like rental tips or moving advice.

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