How to Prep Your Boat for Spring

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Automotive Services

You finally have made it through the hard, long winter and you’re beginning to consider getting your boat prepared for spring. Just imagining getting out on the water will be enough to get your heart racing and melt away a whole winter’s worth of ice and snow. We read lots of tips and articles in regard to how to winterize your boat, from placing it up upon boat stands for storage, checking out its engine and ensuring that it remains out of direct sunlight and exposure to wintertime weather – there is lots of work to be done. Having the proper tools for the job is critical. Selecting our boat stands, with their durable and strong solid steel ACME threaded center rods and stackable, sturdy stands, may help.

Registration: Is the boat’s registration updated? A few states require yearly renewals, whereby others provide longer registration terms.

Insurance: Check with your local insurance agent in order to ensure that everything is in order.

Safety: Look at all your safety equipment, like life jackets and fire extinguishers, to ensure they have not expired and do not have to be replaced.

Plug: Locate it and place it where it belongs.

Ropes: Look at all your lines and ropes, which include your tow ropes and anchor ropes. Be certain they have not become too brittle to deal with and that they’re in good working order to last all throughout the season.

Trailer: Check its turn signals, brakes, running lights, as well as overall condition of the trailer prior to loading the boat to take it down to the marina or dock. Check its tires and be certain they’re all inflated properly – which includes the spare – to the right pressure. You do not wish to get down the road and experience a flat or become pulled over for not having turn signals that work correctly.

Engine: See that it runs prior to doing anything else. Attempt to use a universal motor flush tool in order for you to ensure the engine is going to actually start as it is inside the water.

Electrical: Prior to getting to the boat ramp, test, as well as turn on everything to ensure it’s in good condition.

Hull: As the boat is still on boat poppets and staging ladders or whatnot, be certain that you take a look at the hull.

Fluids: Be certain that you check the oil levels and top off if necessary.

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