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On Preventing Water Damage: Your Checklist

On Preventing Water Damage: Your Checklist

After the storm has subsided, the floodwaters come and gone, it’s heart-rending to see the extent of the devastation in your home. Cleanup promises to be a harrowing prospect. And many times, in the weeks or days ahead, it’ll be normal to find yourself thinking of a book, letter or beloved pair of shoes you’ve lost to the mud and flood.

Prevent this from happening ever again. Here are tips to make sure you won’t lose your home and possessions to water damage the next time a storm hits:

Fix your roof
Have a pro go up to inspect and determine the condition of your roof, says Todays Home Owner. If there are any leaks or holes, cracks or missing shingles, have all of these fixed right away. A leaky roof can cause major water damage in your home. Imagine if it caved in during a particularly strong storm. The loss could be massive. So make sure your roof is sturdy enough to protect you and your home.

Trim your trees
If you’ve got lush trees in your backyard, keep the branches trimmed, especially the ones near your home. This way, none would break through the sides of your home or crash through your roof in case of a storm and let the rain in.

Call in the pros
Call in professionals who specialize in water restoration services in Charlotte. They won’t just assist you in putting your home back together, they’ll help you make sure this doesn’t happen again. Whether it includes building parts of your home from the ground up or checking the state of your walls for leaks, you can count on pros to improve your home’s safety and protection against water damage in the future.

Patch up leaks
House Logic points out that leaks can lead to mildew, rot and mold along with termite problems. So check every nook and cranny, every dark corner in your home for drips, dampness and moisture. Find a way to eliminate the moisture. You could call in pest control services if you think pests are already a problem. You could also try rotating your furniture to expose the wood to regular sunlight, discouraging pests from settling in.

Losing your possessions is a heartbreaking experience. Protect your family from this tragedy by making sure your home is protected against water damage. And if it isn’t, then call in professionals to help you put it all back together.

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