Importance of Hiring an Attorney to Handle Complex Real Estate Issues

Whether you are constructing a new build, selling a property, or purchasing new land you can greatly benefit from hiring an attorney that is familiar with California real estate law. When it comes to real estate transactions, you cannot risk a mistake being made. One small error can cost you financially, jeopardize the project, or delay the process from being completed on time. From litigation matters to legal advice, real estate attorney can assist with a variety of matters that pertain to real estate. By working with seasoned lawyers, you can reduce the chance of a mistake being made and complete the process seamlessly.

Legal Matters a Lawyer Can Assist With

  • Zoning and land use matters such as obtaining special permits, provide information on zoning and representing you before government individuals.
  • Claims filed against real estate brokers such as fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and negligence.
  • Attorneys are familiar with California real estate law that pertains to mechanic’s liens and construction defects.
  • Assist with disputes over property such as fences, condemnation, opposing possession of land, and breach of a sales contract.
  • A law firm can provide valuable services and legal advice on transactions for real estate such as deferred exchanges, financing issues, and commercial or residential leasing.

Benefit from the Expertise an Attorney Can Offer

Salek Law Firm have been assisting their clients with a variety of real estate issues for many years. Whether you have a legal litigation that you are facing, or simply need legal advice on real estate. Their knowledgeable attorneys can help find the right solution for you. Why risk an error delaying your project or a dispute complicating your life when a team of experts is available? With access to a reliable legal team, they can make your real estate transaction operate smoothly.

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