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Drug-Free ED Treatment is Possible, Find Treatment Around Tustin, CA

Many men face the reality of having erectile dysfunction (ED). Whether dysfunction occurs every time or infrequently, this issue likely causes many problems. If you’re suffering, it’s essential that you consider drug-free ED treatment options as they can prove safer and more effective than alternative options. LaSara Medical Group in Tustin, CA is ready to help you.

What is It?

LaSara Wave Protocol, also known as low-intensity shockwave therapy or acoustic wave therapy, uses a very gentle and low-energy acoustic pulse. The sound waves are applied to the appropriate parts of the body, including the penile shaft. It works by increasing the blood flow to these areas, allowing your body to function properly once again.

This drug-free ED treatment is painless and doesn’t require sedation, meaning you don’t have to deal with anesthesia, needles, or medication.

You may also find that it works more efficiently because the pulse triggers a healing response in the body that tells the dormant stem cells to ‘wake up.’ It will also stimulate new blood vessel formation and can rejuvenate erectile tissues.

In most cases, treatments only last 15 to 30 minutes, though you may need multiple treatments to complete the process.

Aging and Erectile Dysfunction

In most cases, men find that aging gives them more issues getting or keeping an erection. In some cases, difficulty is caused by vascular disease, but in some instances, it is considered a regular part of the aging process. Regardless, struggling with erectile dysfunction, whether mild or moderate, should be a nonissue. More extreme options like medicine or surgery should be your last option.

Treatment Near Tustin, CA

Drug-free ED treatment is one of the newest and most effective options available today. Visit LaSara Medical Group in Tustin, CA at website to learn more.

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