Items to Check in Water Heaters in Columbus IN

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Plumbers and Plumbing

The demand for hot water can be somewhat unpredictable. This is why many heaters have a tank that keeps the hot water circulating and warm. When the elements in this tank fail, the system reverts back to cold water. Many times, the failure is only noticed when there is none left in the tank. The reasons on why the system goes down vary depending on where the problem is.

One of the things checked with Water Heaters in Columbus IN is how well the heating elements are performing. Over time, the heating elements can be blocked by the buildup of minerals. They can also wear out and break with the continuous use. In many cases, a replacement of the heating elements will get the hot water flowing again.

Leakage is another reason why the system can lose hot water. Sometimes, this is not noticeable if household usage is down. However, water under the tank or a marked increase in the electric or gas bills can indicate possible leakage. If the hot water is hidden away, schedule regular inspections of the tank to ensure it is still intact. Inspections on the tank should be increased with age. Identifying leaks early will ensure that other problems such as mold growth aren’t given the opportunity to develop.

Heaters can also have issues with their thermostats that prevent the adequate flow of hot water. It is the thermostat that directs how hot the water will get inside the tank. A failure of this system will result in cold water. It can be a little difficult to narrow the problem down to the thermostat since there are so many systems involved in the heating of the water. The Water Heaters in Columbus IN will need to have this item checked if there are problems maintaining temperature or other systems have been ruled out.

Water heaters play an important role in the home. When the system fails, the entire household suffers. The problem could reside from broken heating elements, leakage from the tank or a malfunctioning thermostat. Any broken items will need to be repaired to restore the system. Contact Matlock Plumbing Inc if your system is pumping out cold water.

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