Why You Would Need a Domestic Relation Attorney in Folsom, CA

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Law Services

Any time a couple is in the process of seeking a divorce, the potential is there for things to get really ugly on either side. What will come up during divorce proceedings is who will custody of the children, who has to pay spousal support to the other spouse and the division of the property. In the State of California, this is something that really needs to be looked at carefully. There is one type of court order of which both parties must be aware: Qualified Domestic Relations Order, also called QUADRO.

Since California has the community property law, this order might really come into play. A Domestic Relation Attorney in Folsom CA helps clients to get a better understanding of how this court order might work. The order divides the retirement benefits of the two parties who are getting a divorce or legal separation. This includes alternate payees also, such as children or other dependents. Understand that the QUADRO is usually filed and ordered because the non-employee spouse or former spouse is trying to legally get the portion of the employee’s retirement to which he or she is entitled.
If there are any issues with a QUADRO, such as the spouse with the retirement plan refusing to honor the court order, he or she will be considered in contempt of the court, and heavy fines may ensue, in addition to the compliance to the court order already issued. Also, it is good to take note that not all Quadros are alike. There are some basic things they all have in common, but according to the type of retirement plan that is being reviewed, other elements may be in there that the average person may not be aware of.

Whether you are the person wanting to have a QUADRO filed or if you are the person that has had the QUADRO filed against your retirement, a good attorney can help you navigate through any legal issues. The Law Office of Hugh O. Allen, located in Rancho Cordova, has been providing legal solutions for family law, property law, divorces and parent-child issues for many years. If you need a Domestic Relation Attorney in Folsom CA or the surrounding areas, visit the website, http://thefamilyattorneys.com/. Once there, go to the link that directs you to “click here.”

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