It’s Your Responsibility To Arrange For A Sewer Cleaning

No one likes to talk about a sewer. It is not one of the more popular components of a residential or commercial plumbing system in Minneapolis. Yet, ignoring it can result in serious problems. Sewers require attention. A sewer cleaning is something every home and business owner needs to consider at least once a year.

What Happens when you Ignore your Sewer?

A well-functioning sewer is one part of an integrated plumbing system. It plays a very significant role in bringing out sewage or waste from your home or business. If something in the waste removal system cracks or the pipes become clogged, the problem may not appear serious, but it is. Sewers contain waste products. If they end up inside your home, the result is a genuine and grave health problem.

When sewers fail to function appropriately, the discharge quickly can reduce your pleasant home to a toxic environment. Two major things result:

1. You will be forced to leave your home until experts mitigate the problem

2. The clean-up costs can be very expensive if you are liable for the specific section of pipe. In other words, if the pipes are not on public land but are on your property, you bear responsibility for taking care of the problem. This can involve replacing pipes and tearing up basements

Neglecting your sewers, therefore, can be a time-consuming and expensive mistake.

Factors Creating Sewer Problems

The most common cause of a no – or malfunctioning sewer in Minneapolis is a clogged pipe. Several factors contribute to this state of affairs. Among the more common causal factors of clogs in primary or secondary lines leading to the sewer system are:

* Foreign Objects: Pipes are amazing hoarders of foreign objects. They can gobble up and trap such things as balls, shoes and a vast array of children’s toys. If stuck and unable to biodegrade quickly enough, they produce a clog that waste water is not able to move past.

* Grease – Kitchen and Automobile: Grease is a major cause of clogs. Various greases may pour easily down a sink or drain, but they often adhere to the walls, attracting and trapping other items e.g. hair, fluff. A build up occurs resulting in a potential backup into your home.

* Bathroom, Toilet or Tissue Paper: People, who use substantial amounts of toilet paper, can create the ideal conditions for clogs. When added to narrow dated pipes and older sewers, it is almost a recipe for a clogged sewer.

In all such cases, damage may have been decreased by not providing the perfect elements to create a major clog. In addition, an annual sewer cleaning can help remove these issues before they become a serious problem.

Annual Sewer Cleaning

If you live in a house with children or have a home or business in Minneapolis with narrow pipes, you should take greater care to ensure the integrity of your overall plumbing system. Talk to a professional plumber about any potential issues and arrange for an annual sewer cleaning to help reduce the chance of it malfunctioning.

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