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Keep Your Home Windows Safe with Hurricane Impact Windows and Other Protection

When you live in a location where severe weather is common, it’s important to understand and implement systems that can keep you safe. Nowhere is this more important than in an area that is plagued with hurricanes. Whether you have acrylic windows or hurricane impact windows, it’s not always enough. We’ll explore some additional ways to stay safe below.

Products to Protect Your Windows

Companies like Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures offer a number of options for protecting your home with the high winds and water seen in many hurricanes. Some of the most common options include panels for doors and windows, accordion shutters, and roll-down shutters. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll explore more by product.

Door and Window Panels

When in a hurricane, vinyl windows aren’t going to keep out the debris and water. Covering your windows and doors with steel, acrylic, or aluminum panels provides an extra layer of security. In most cases, these panels secure to a track on the bottom and slide into an upper track. Some are bolted directly to your home. While these are more affordable than some options, they are difficult for the average person to install.

Accordion Shutters

Rather than being panels, accordion shutters consist of numerous aluminum blades which attach to a special framework. The blades are attached to both sides of the window and may stay installed at all times. You can simply push the blades away from the window when they are not needed. These make protection much quicker than window panels, as mentioned above.

Roll-Down Shutters

With a roll-down shutter style, a shutter rolls up into an aluminum housing when not being used. These offer a curtain of protection on both sides and are inserted directly into guide rails. Some of these shutters are manual, others are motorized and may have a manual override. Using these shutters is the easiest of all, because all you need to do is flip a switch to bring down the shutters. They can come in wood, vinyl, composite, and other materials.

Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures offer a number of ways to protect yourself from hurricanes. We also build screens, entries, and install acrylic and vinyl windows. To learn a bit more about our services, you can visit us online. Contact us for a free estimate, we’d be happy to send a licensed contractor out to you.

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