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Tips for Posing for a Business Portrait Photographer

Let’s be honest for a moment. There is hardly anyone alive who enjoys having professional head shots taken. Many of you probably hate being photographed in general. Others have anxiety about the result of the photo session since that image will be displayed on brochures, the company website, and other material. It does not have to be such a horrible experience though! We will walk you through some tips to getting the best possible photos without all the stress.

Understanding the Importance of Body Language

Sometimes, when people are uncomfortable, that can show up in the photographs that are taken of them. This is why it is important to understand what emotions are being sent by your body language. For a business portrait, such as those taken by Holladay Photography, you want to look approachable and friendly. Some minimal changes can make your photo go from cold to warm.

Smiling with or Without Teeth

You may have never sat down and thought about whether you should smile with your mouth open or closed. However, a professional photographer will often suggest that you show your teeth in photos. The reason behind that is your face becomes friendlier and more human to the person viewing the photo. For those who worry about the appearance of your teeth, editing can fix any problems there.

Positioning Your Arms Crossed or Not

Many business portraits have a person who is standing in a suit or other business dress with their arms crossed across their chest. This is a natural pose when you do not know what to do with your arms in a photo. The problem is that it can make you look uncomfortable or even defensive. This is not the type of personality trait that you want to show off. Instead, consider a cropped photo that doesn’t show the arms or an action shot where the arms are doing something animated.

To Wear the Jacket or Not

Wearing a jacket is mostly up to personal preference. If you want to appear more authoritative, go with the jacket. If you want to seem friendlier, ditch the jacket. You can also choose to have a few photos done each way, which you can use as you need them.

At Holladay Photography, we offer moment-driven photography that speaks a million words. If you are looking for an expert for your business photography needs, you can reach us through Facebook. We are getting ready for your portrait!

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