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Learning About Pre-planning of Funeral Arrangements

By the time people reach their senior citizen years, it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about pre-planning funeral arrangements. This can feel like an unpleasant prospect, but death is inevitable for everyone. Pre-planning with one of the Funeral Homes In Lakewood WA takes much of the burden off the family members who are left behind. It allows the person to have certain wishes carried out that might otherwise be overlooked. It can save money for the family as well. As of 2016, a full funeral service with a casket and visitation typically costs more than $5,000. The senior citizen may prepay for the future costs or set the money aside in an account that a trusted person will have access to.

Not everyone is comfortable paying for funeral services beforehand. They might set up a bank account specifically for those expenses. There will likely still be some additional costs even when the arrangements have been paid for ahead of time, which is another reason some individuals decide to arrange for payment at the time of death instead. The person may want to have a close relative or friend assigned power of attorney so there is access to money in a checking or savings account. Another option is to open a payable-upon-death account that has one assigned beneficiary the individual trusts. That money is designated for funeral-related expenses with an organization such as Gaffney Funeral Home.

At a minimum, it’s advisable for senior citizens to buy a cemetery plot or space in a mausoleum, or to arrange for cremation and for the ashes to be scattered by family members. Relatives who must make all decisions when someone passes away are likely to feel overwhelmed since they also are dealing with emotional sorrow and other practical matters. It’s not unusual for anyone to stroll through a cemetery and see headstones for spouses who are both still alive. They’ve decided to be proactive and handle that part of the practical matters for their family members. This can be particularly important when the individuals want to be buried in the same part of the cemetery as other family members are.

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