Let a Wood Fence Builder in St. Paul Create a Customized Property Barrier

Although iron, aluminum, and chain link fences are all popular choices, wood fencing has long been a favorite among homeowners. A wooden fence has a quaint, traditional look that is very welcoming. Besides the great aesthetic appeal that wood provides, a Fence Builder in St. Paul can create just the right size fence to complement a property. Wood is also an extremely versatile material and can be stained to blend with or highlight the features of a home.

Provides a Long-Term Fencing Option

While wood does require some maintenance as it ages, the cost to keep it in good shape is minimal when compared to other fencing types. Wood can actually maintain or exceed its original beauty when properly cared for. When it’s time to update the exterior of a home, changing the color of a wooden fence is a relatively easy task.

Offers Safety and Security

Customized privacy fencing made of wood gives homeowners a secluded area to play or relax. It allows pets and small children a safe place to roam without the threat of traffic, strangers and other pets. Properties that have a backyard pool will want privacy fencing to discourage or prevent uninvited guests from entering. Though most privacy fences are a minimum of six feet, the length can be altered to meet the individual needs of a property.

Available in a Variety of Styles

A customized fence builder in St. Paul can create a number of different designs to accent a home. While many parents prefer the security of privacy fencing, classic picket fencing is still a popular choice, especially in neighborhoods with traditional and vintage-style homes. For those that choose fencing for its decorative flair, lattice fences are ideal for enclosing a semi-private lounge area, patio space, or backyard garden. Residents that want the natural look of wood without any maintenance will appreciate the benefits of a simulated wood fence.

Dakota Unlimited is a full-service fencing provider in the Twin Cities Metro area. A leader in customer satisfaction, they have received multiple service awards from Angie’s List and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Visit their website today to learn more about their affordable fencing options.

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