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Why Your Small Business Should Switch To Discount Inkjet Cartridges

For small businesses, the bottom line means everything. In some cases, even saving a few pennies here and there can make a huge difference to the way the company operates. Finding ways to cut costs is important, and one way that small companies can reduce their expenses, sometimes by quite a lot, is by using cheaper ink. Here are just a few reasons why small businesses should switch to discount inkjet cartridges.

Same Quality

Discount ink, especially when purchased from a reputable company, produces the same great quality as full priced cartridges. In many cases you can get the same number of pages out of a cartridge with the same amazing color and image quality. The fear that the final product won’t look as nice is what keeps many small businesses from making the switch to discount ink. Once the switch is made, however, they tend not to notice a difference.

Lower Cost

Obviously discount ink comes at a much lower cost, but it’s important to note that this lower cost doesn’t equate to lower quality. Saving a significant sum of money on ink can help you and your company in many different ways. You can reinvest it in other areas of your budget, such as marketing, or put it in an office morale fund for a special event later on down the road. The possibilities are virtually endless, and definitely worth exploring. The best way to give your budget that kind of boost is to switch to lower cost ink.

Reliable Delivery

Ordering discount ink online also means that you can set up a reliable system that works for you and your staff. Traditionally, when a printer runs out of ink someone has to physically go to a store to purchase a refill or wait for the supply order to arrive. When an office switches to discount ink purchased online, you can get into a system where the ink arrives at a reliable time. This means it will arrive before it’s needed, preventing any mid-day disruptions.

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