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Making your Dog Comfortable During Boarding

Making your Dog Comfortable During Boarding

Boarding your dog can be a stressful time for you both, but it is sometimes necessary. While your dog is considered a member of your family, he may not be welcome in some other places. You could be forced to leave home for business, pleasure or an emergency that Fido cannot join you on. In this event, finding a dog kennel in Lafayette is your best option. Not only will your pet be safe and secure, but he will be given plenty of attention and love while you are away. Making it easier for your pet to be in a strange environment can help make his stay pleasant and enjoyable.

Toys, Beds and Familiar Smells

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. They feel comfortable in areas which smell like home. If you dog is nervous around new people or in new places, you can help him relax by bringing a favorite small bed or blanket from home. Or, you might want to bring along his favorite toys instead. Some dogs get very attached to stuffed animals, old shoes, or knotted ropes and bringing along this item can help them adjust and feel more at home while in the kennel overnight or for an extended stay.

Mental Stimulation Helps Too!

Your dog can’t miss you if he is so preoccupied with new games, toys, and friends to play with! While in his boarding dog kennel in Lafayette area, your dog will have access to a spacious day lounge with other friendly and curious dogs his size to play with! While under constant supervision, playing with other dogs is a great way for your own pet to burn off energy, improve his spirits, and help him forget that he is not with you. After a busy day playing and chasing tennis balls, your dog can return to his private sleeping area for a nice and soothing rest until you return.

Don’t Make a Big Deal of Leaving

Dogs can easily pick up on your emotions and body signals, and if you are visibly upset about leaving your beloved pet behind for a time while you travel, he can become upset too. One of the best ways to help him ease into the new environment is by not making a big deal of the departure. Boarding is a fun experience and your dog will have plenty of freedom and entertaining new things to do while you are away.

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