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Mini Excavators Offer Many Benefits to Your Business

If you are in the excavation business, you want dependable equipment which is easy to use. You might need to use digging equipment in a wide range of applications and a mini excavator with attachments is one of the handiest machines you can own. Here are some of the reasons to consider buying or renting one for your company.

What Are Mini Excavators?

Mini digging machines are hydraulically operated buckets and either track or wheel drive systems. They are smaller than standard excavation equipment. In fact, they are not usually larger than eight and one-half tons. Some units have tail swing (counterweight can travel beyond the tracks) features while others do not.


Because the mini excavator with attachments is smaller than standard equipment, you can get into areas that other machines cannot. For example, you may need to dig a trench or hole close to a building or retaining wall where you have limited space.

Less Damage

Large equipment is very heavy and can compact soil and cause damage to the landscape. In fact, a large digging machine may create huge ruts in the soil, especially if the ground is wet or unstable. Lighter machines create less damage to the work site.

Ease of Transport

Perhaps your trucks can only tow so much weight safely. If you need to haul full-sized equipment, you risk damage to your vehicles, and you may need to invest in heavier towing vehicles. A mini excavator with all its attachments is considerably lighter and easier to tow.


When you use compact machinery on the job site, you save on fuel. Fuel is a significant cost factor, and the costs can add up over time. Also, buying or renting compact equipment is cheaper than using standard machines. In many cases, you can get the same work done for lower costs, increased efficiency and resulting higher profit margins.

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