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When Welded Hydraulic Cylinders Function Best

When Welded Hydraulic Cylinders Function Best

The manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders or actuators produce a variety of types to meet the demands of their customers. They customize and produce standard cylinders to ensure each industrial concern receive the right system for their application. While some industries prefer one type to another, in some instances and applications, the optimal options are welded hydraulic cylinders.

Why Choose Welded to Other Types?

In the case of welded cylinders, the barrel (or body) of the cylinder is welded to the cap directly. It does not feature tie rods. The welding also attaches the ports or fittings to the barrel. The manufacturer may also fasten the head or gland to the body using welding, although other methods are common. Arguably, its design makes it superior in several ways to other types of hydraulic cylinders. It provides certain advantages when using including:

* Durability

* Minimal Maintenance

* Longevity

* Versatility – for use with low and, more commonly, medium to heavy loads

* Dependability

* Compact design

* Aesthetics

It may also be the major option when the space is confined and small. Such qualities are responsible for their popularity in a variety of industrial applications.

When Welded Hydraulic Cylinders Function Best

No doubt remains about what specific area welded cylinders dominate. This is the mobile hydraulic equipment market. It offers maximum performance and demonstrates clearly its best capabilities when performing designated tasks in such industries where mobility is an integral component of the application. As a result, welded cylinders are in

* Agricultural machinery

* Construction equipment

* Marine gear

* Mining mechanisms

It is ideal in snowplows, trucks and various types of lifts.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

It is advantageous, for certain industries, to choose a welded over a tie rod or other type of hydraulic cylinder. Its compact nature, durability, longevity, and dependability are ideal for certain applications. Its qualities make it the most popular choice for mobile equipment.

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