Myths About Solar Energy For Homes

Many homeowners throughout Greenville, SC, and the surrounding areas are overwhelmed with information about the potential pros and cons of installing solar in Greenville, SC,energy solutions in their homes.

Recognizing the common myths and getting to the truth with this environmentally friendly way to generate power for your home will help decide if this is the right choice. Most people will find that a lot of the information online is outdated or inaccurate, which may prevent them from considering this quality energy solution.

Myth: Solar Solutions are Expensive

There is a cost to installing solar energy solutions for homes. However, thanks to federal incentives and tax credits, homeowners can receive a tax reduction equal to 30% of the installation costs. This will only apply to individuals who purchase the system or use a loan program to buy and install their system.

Myth: Net Metering is not Available

Homeowners in Greenville, SC, or across the state can participate in net-metering programs. These programs allow homeowners to “sell” their excess or surplus energy up to one megawatt. This balance is used to reduce the amount of the next electric bill.

Myth: Solar Panels are Ineffective in Snowy Weather

While solar panels need the sun to produce energy, they can produce smaller amount of energy even when there is a combination of rain and sun and even snowy conditions. Most panels are installed on a slight angle, allowing snow to slide off when the sun warms the frame.

When researching the use of solar power, be sure to review information from a reputable company that specializes in designing and installing these systems.

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