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Oil Field Pipe – A Crucial Component for Successful Drilling

Quality oil field piping is crucial part of oil field operations in order to perform the drilling processes for oil wells. In addition to buying the right type of piping, it is also important to consider having the proper accessories to ensure that all of your drilling needs are met.

Types of Oil Field Pipe and Accessories
Drill pipe, used in the oilfield industry, is a critical component for oil drilling processes and is available in both standard and heavy weight. This type of pipe is used to pass power, via rotary motion, from ground level to a drilling bit. This bit is located at the bottom of the hole. This transfer of power also provide flushing media to the face of the cutting tool to aid in successful drilling.

Casing, comprised of hollow steel pipe, is another crucial component to the drilling process and serves as a liner for the inside of the drill hole. Casing acts as a guard against aquifers and groundwater that could interfere with drilling. A full length casing or casing string, is cemented in place using a cement sheath. In some cases the cementing process requires a conductor casing to prevent collapsing of the wellbore.

In some states tubing is used in place of casing. Tubing is secured using a packer at the bottom of the well rather than being cemented in place. Casing and tubing are come in a variety of styles including chrome, seamless, duplex, and welded as well as carbon and alloy grades.

Steel sucker rods, 25-30 feet long and threaded on both ends, are an important product as well and are used to join the surface components and the components within the drill bore of a reciprocating piston pump together.

Buying New or Used Pipe- Pros and Cons
Purchasing used drill pipe can be risky. Just one bad bore can damage a pipe with no obvious signs that can be seen. If you want to purchase used, be aware of things like the thread condition, outside diameter, and straightness.

You can suffer monetary loss buying faulty used pipe, so it is recommended that you do your research and choose an oil field pipe supplier that can provide you with new piping. This will ensure that you get the most out of your money without breaking your budget paying for damages.

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