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Tips on choosing your divorce lawyer

During the 190s and 60s there was a tendency for marriages to be more stable, there were divorces of course but the numbers were only about 5 in 1000 marriages. Over the years the trend has increased, today there are about 30 divorces per 1000 marriages. To many people this is an alarming number but it is real and it is something that people have to deal with. When faced with a divorce the first thing to do is select a divorce lawyer in Media PA. Your lawyer is the individual that will stand between you and your soon to be ex, the lawyer will be responsible to see that your rights are protected, you can expect him or her to fight for acceptable custody rights for any children as well as the property acquired during the union. Depending on whom you are; the wife or the husband, you will want your attorney to either minimize or maximize any support.

Once you know that your marriage is heading towards a divorce whether you are happy with the situation or not it is important that you engage the right family law attorney in Media PA. If you believe your divorce will be conducted in a civil manner and you believe that the settlement can comfortably be negotiated or mediated then you will want a lawyer with a certain disposition. On the other hand, if you have reason to believe that your divorce is going to become a “knock-down, drawn-out affair” and you can see it being dragged through the courts then you will want a divorce lawyer in Media PA that is better suited to negotiation. If you believe the divorce can be clean but will require negotiations between the parties you will want a lawyer that will not go out of his or her way to create a situation that will end you all up in court.

With the divorce rate in the US being as high as it is chances are you know several people that have gone through one. Speak to these people, explain your situation and ask them for help, ask them how their divorce went and whether they were happy with the outcome and their lawyer. It will not be difficult to come up with a few names, get in touch with these firms and arrange an initial consultation. The initial contact with a lawyer that eventually will be your representative is important; during the proceedings you will probably have to divulge considerable personal information and you will want to feel comfortable in doing this.

If your marriage is on the rocks and you need a seasoned divorce lawyer in Media PA you are invited to contact L. Theodore Hoppe, Jr. Attorney at Law.

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