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Pest Control May Include Moisture Control in Alexandria VA

Pest Control May Include Moisture Control in Alexandria VA

Controlling pests inside and outside a home may include Moisture Control in Alexandria VA. Insects like warm moist places to build nests or hives and to expand their numbers. Eliminating standing water, water leaks, and moisture problems can help discourage insects from coming to a person’s property. Mold and mildew problems can be as serious as insect infestations for some homeowners. Mold can be dangerous and hard to find and eliminate. Mold and mildew can stain walls and smell nasty.

Moisture Control

Moisture Control in Alexandria VA can be a challenge. Where is the moisture coming from? Why doesn’t it evaporate? Moisture problems can be caused by leaking roofs, basement wall leaks, hydrostatic pressure on basement floors, or lack of ventilation. What if the house sits on a crawl space that is full of water, mold, and pests? Pest and moisture control go hand in hand because moisture problems often cause insect problems.

Moisture control depends on finding the source and reason for the moisture problem. When the source of the problem is found, it must be eliminated by repairing the roof, filling cement cracks, or providing needed airflow in a room such as a laundry room. Wet crawl spaces must be emptied out and repaired so moisture cannot get into them. Leaky faucets or drains must be repaired. Leaky pipes must be replaced.

Pest Control

Once all the moisture problems are treated and the house and surrounding lot are dry and well-drained, the insect problem can be solved. Another aspect of getting rid of pests might involve getting rid of standing refuse, leaf piles, lumber piles, trash heaps, overgrown weeds, and inside areas where refuse collects and attracts insects. Once all that is gone, many insects will also be gone. The pest control company can now use chemicals to get rid of any remaining insects.

The pest control company can also offer a maintenance contract where one of their experts comes once a month or every couple months and sprays insect repellent around the house and yard to make sure the insects do not come back. Thousands of homeowners feel this is a small price to pay to be rid of insects and pests for good. Click Here for more pest control information.

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