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Three Main Advantages of Vinyl Siding Installation in Marlboro, NJ

Three Main Advantages of Vinyl Siding Installation in Marlboro, NJ

Vinyl siding has been used in residential buildings since the 1960s. Vinyl is made from a plastic resin that gives impact strength, rigidity, and resistance. Research shows that vinyl is the most preferred siding material in the U.S. and Canada. It comes in a wide range of colors, and mimics architectural details that are made from wood. Vinyl siding can be placed vertically or horizontally in a variety of patterns, such as fish scales, shingles, and scallops. It is commonly laid in either a Dutch lap, which has a decorative groove on the top edge of the strip to accentuate the overlap or as a traditional lap, which has overlapping strips similar to those of wood siding. Here are top three benefits of vinyl siding installation in Marlboro, NJ.

Added Insulation for All Seasons

For maximum heating and cooling, the cool or warm air produced by an HVAC unit should not be allowed to escape from the room. The process through which energy enters or exits a room is known as thermal bridging. Thermal bridging can lead to significant amounts of unwanted energy escaping the house during winter or entering it during summer. The best way to prevent unwanted energy transfers is by installing insulated vinyl siding. This will also help to reduce money spent on home heating and cooling.

Effective Separation from External Environment

Vinyl siding can act as an effective separation of the internal and external environment. It helps to prevent airborne pollutants, such as dirt, debris, dust and other unwanted elements from entering a house. With an extra layer of foam backing, vinyl siding also helps to reduce levels of outside noises entering a home.

Low Maintenance and Durability

Vinyl siding is a strong, durable and virtually maintenance free exterior siding material. Vinyl siding only needs to be hosed down and wiped with a clean cloth to preserve its beautiful appearance.

These are just some of the top benefits of vinyl siding installation in Marlboro, NJ. To ensure that the entire vinyl siding installation project is handled correctly, only hire the services of a certified vinyl siding company, such as Superior Windows & Glass, LLC. For additional details about vinyl siding, and how to contact a certified siding contractor, visit

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