What You Should Know About Brick Masonry Restoration in Philadelphia, PA

Many of the buildings that get brick masonry restoration in Philadelphia, PA are frame style buildings that have a masonry veneer, also known as a skin, on them. A select few buildings may be genuine masonry buildings, through and through. A true masonry building is identified as such: If both the floors and the roof is supported by masonry, it will qualify as a masonry structure. Buildings that qualify as structural masonry are normally crafted from concrete blocks, and they are usually two stories high, sometimes only one story high. Often, such buildings will be seen in the older districts of a city, particularly in the industrial areas where warehouses are seen.

The brick masonry buildings that qualify as structural masonry are typically grouped into one of two categories. An un-reinforced building hasn’t undergone any type of renovations to link the walls and the floors. Further, it has never had its parapets to be tied back. Most buildings of that type were severely negatively impacted by earthquakes in the last 15 years. The reinforced buildings are much stronger because they have been updated and are better able to withstand things like earthquakes.

Most brick masonry buildings are created from steel framework and have a very authentic looking brick skin today. While the difference in a veneer and a genuine masonry building is significant in terms of structure, it is not at all significant in terms of how the restoration is done. No matter whether the masonry is very old or is merely a skin, the restoration works in much the same way. The exterior of the building will need to be repointed to assist in making it stronger overall. Apart from lending strength to the structure, the main job of a restoration team is waterproofing. During the waterproofing process, the sealants that will help keep the building intact regardless of weather are applied. The process needs to be repeated sporadically, but the time between restorations depends upon the age and quality of the building. If you need help with quality brick masonry restoration in Philadelphia, PA from an experienced team of restoration experts, Click here to find out more.

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