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Pet Hospital In Fort Bend County For Pet Care

Pet Hospital In Fort Bend County For Pet Care

The everyday care of a four-legged furry child entails the normal food, water, grooming and shelter protocol. Just like a human child, they also require lots of TLC. Aside from their basic needs being attended to there are also some interesting, notable facts that most people have never heard of specifically pertaining to feline children. Not only do cats have an ancient history of having been worshiped and reverenced by many but they also have a physical prowess that is unrivaled in the animal kingdom of domesticated animals.

The Egyptians had a serious love for felines that extended to not only their care but also to the enforcement of laws governing proper etiquette with a cat. If a person was caught smuggling a cat out, they were punished by death. The Egyptians not only conducted formal funeral ceremonies for their furry children but they also entombed them along with their mummified prey, mice. The reverence for felines has endured over centuries of time and has expanded even more in today’s world.

As any feline owner will attest, Fluffy sleeps for a large portion of the day. A couple of interesting statistics show that cats in fact sleep for two-thirds of their entire life and they spend 1/3 of their lives grooming themselves. When Fluffy slipped under that doorway, the question of how is answered by understanding the structure of their physical body’s components. Cats do not have collarbones which allows for their flexibility to fit through a multitude of openings. That same flexibility allows a cat to jump the equivalent of 5 times their height in one jump, and they can run as fast as 31 miles per hour. It’s inevitable that the sophisticated skills of slipping under doorways and jumping to incredible heights has often gotten Fluffy into some serious life threatening predicaments.

Finding a Pet Hospital Fort Bend County could save Fluffy from his self imposed demise. Greatwood Veterinary Hospital provides all the services for both basic and emergency care for all of your pets’ needs whether feline or canine.

The admiration and love for felines has been carried forward from ancient history to the current time. Their prowess has certainly gotten them into some troublesome scenarios that only a trained veterinarian can remedy. In the Richmond, Texas area finding a pet hospital in Fort Bend County will help ensure Fluffy doesn’t deplete the final culmination of his allotted nine lives.

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