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Rejected? A Disability Attorney in Centralia, WA Can Help

Rejected? A Disability Attorney in Centralia, WA Can Help

Becoming disabled was difficult enough to deal with, but also having a claim for disability benefits rejected only makes the situation worse. How will the individual manage to make ends meet? Fortunately, that rejection is not the end of the matter. With help from a disability attorney in Centralia, WA, there’s a good chance of receiving those benefits anyway. Here is how the attorney can help.

Taking a Look at the Rejected Claim

One of the first things that the disability attorney in Centralia, WA will want to do is go over the initial application. This is done with the rejection letter in hand. The goal is to determine what it would take to overcome whatever reason was given for turning down the claim. In many cases, it is just a matter of adding more information or altering the wording on a response so that it is more direct.

Keep in mind that the attorney will not only address the stated reason for the rejection. That’s because the reviewer probably stopped reading the application when the first issue was spotted. To improve the odds of having the application sail through once it is submitted again, the attorney will go over the remainder of the document. Thanks to the experience that comes with representing clients who are seeking disability benefits, the attorney will have a good idea if more details should be added or if something needs to be stated in a more direct way.

Representing the Client at a Review

Depending on the nature of the rejections, the attorney may determine that requesting a formal review in front of a board is the best way to proceed. If this is the case, the attorney will be present to go over the situation of the client, point out specifics in the application, and function in general as an advocate. Keep in mind that the client does not usually have to be present for those reviews. That is especially helpful for a client with limited mobility or one who is dealing with a severe emotional experience that makes being around other people extremely difficult.

When a disability claim is rejected, meet Putnam Lieb Potvin, Attorneys, as quickly as possible. It will not take long to determine what needs to be done to improve the odds of being approved without any further delays.

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