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Plate Lifting Clamps – Lift Products Safely and Efficiently

Plate lifting clamps are usually made of steel and are coated in order to prevent corrosion, making them durable for both indoor and outdoor jobs. These clamps are used in a variety of places including fabrication plants, factories, construction sites, as well as repair and service facilities.

Clamps can be used to lift a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, sheet plates, iron, and structural steel plate while offering safe and durable option to get the job done. These clamps can be used with slings, hoists, and cranes.

They are a versatile tool that can accommodate a variety of lifting jobs. The clamps are available in vertical, horizontal, and universal or multidirectional clamps depending on how the plate needs to be lifted for the task at hand.

How are Steel Clamps Used?
Steel plate lifting clamps can be used in a variety of industries, with their main purpose being to lift various types of the metal plate in order to stack, position, or transfer the material to the desired location for the job.

They are inspected visually and then installed over the center of gravity of the plate for stability. In some cases, two clamps must be used to handle a flexible or long load.

The clamps are sometimes used in conjunction with a sling that is placed between the clamp and the crane or hoist to give the load more stability.
Vertical clamps typically require using the locking device to prevent loosening on the plate. Horizontal clamps are used in pairs.

What Important Features Do Steel Clamps Have?
Steel plate lifting clamps are available with a protective, non-marring rubber clamps which means that they can also be used to lift finished or polished plates safely and without damaging the surface during moving.

The clamps also come in an assortment of sizes to accommodate varying plate thicknesses. For safe use, the minimum jaw opening of the clamp should not be larger than the thickness of the load.

It is advised that the clamp should not be grinded or welded to fit a plate because it can cause an unsafe lift. Clamps can be ordered in many sizes and styles in order to fit the load; no further modification is needed.

The clamps are also easily inspected on site and can regularly be maintained to prevent failure of the clamp during a lift.

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