Preparing your Home for the Winter Months

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Plumbers and Plumbing

Central heating in Bristol homes plays an important role in your overall warmth in the winter months. However there are a number of factors working together to keep your home warm. Here are some tips to help you heat your home as efficiently as possible when the temperatures dip:

1. Drafts: There are a number of unsuspected areas of your home that can be causing drafts. Drafts will reduce your heater’s efficiency and allow heat to leak out of your home. One of the most unexpected draft problems in renovated homes is recessed lighting. Often homes that are either DIY renovations or that have not followed proper insulating rules do not insulate recessed lighting. Heat can be lost if lighting baffle was not used. Electrical outlets and light switches in the home can also allow drafts into the home and you can install insulation behind your switches and outlets if you feel cold air when you remove the plates. Your exterior doors can also cause drafts. You can add new door sweeps and weather stripping to help keep doors closed more firmly. This will cut down on cool air entering the home and heat leaving.

2. Additional Weather Stripping: Once you add weather stripping to your doors take a look at your windows. If you feel drafts coming from your windows you can apply weather stripping around the frames to help reduce warm air from escaping. If you want to really seal out the cold you can remove the frames on doors and windows and add additional foam insulation.

3. Attached Garages: If your home has an attached garage it can be a source of cold air as well. You can consider hanging heavy insulating blankets on your garage doors. This can make a substantial difference especially to rooms above or adjoining the garage.

4. Leaky Duct Work: Checking ducts in your home for potential leaks is important. The ducts carry the heat to the rooms in your home and if there is loose duct tape the hot air will leak. This means the central heating Bristol homes have has to work that much harder. Bad leaks can even cool the air before it has a chance to reach your second or third floor.

Having a heating service call in the fall is also a good idea. They will make sure the central heating Bristol home owners depend on will keep them toasty warm all winter. If there are issues they can install a new system before the truly cold weather arrives.
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