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Give Your Kitchens in Sheffield Aesthetic Appeal with Modern Sinks

The kitchen sink is often taken for granted, but it is in fact one of the most important kitchen features! Used for washing hands, dishes and ingredients, it faces a lot of hardship on a daily basis, therefore it’s important that you invest in one that will stand the test of time. When renovating kitchens in Sheffield, many first-time shoppers will become overwhelmed by the vast assortment of materials and styles on offer. With the following tips, you can feel confident that the sink is worth the money and matches the theme of your cooking space.

Under-mounted or Inset?

First of all, you should think about where you want to get the sink fitted. If you have minimal workspace and want to save as much room as possible, choose an under-mounted sink. These types of sink are quite stylish and will draw attention to your counter’s natural beauty, whether it is granite or marble. Because under-mounted sinks are designed to have no edges, it’s imperative that you don’t overfill them. An alternative is an inset sink, which can be installed with ease. Even low-cost worktops will have modern flair when inset sinks are installed, because they flawlessly blend into the worktop material.

Choosing a Material

Over 70 percent of all sinks are crafted with stainless steel and there’s no wonder why. Stainless steel is a hardwearing type of metal. Although durable, water spots tend to show up on this material, which scratches easily. An alternative choice is cast iron, which is resistant to rust and can be coated with a porcelain enamel finish. Composite sinks will give kitchens in Sheffield a contemporary, sophisticated appearance, because the aesthetic qualities are similar to those of quartz and granite. If you’re not dealing with a tight budget choose fireclay, which is normally the material of choice for farmhouse sinks.

Choosing a Style

For a simplistic look, single bowl sinks are recommended. Normally compact in size, single bowl sinks are the cheapest option, but don’t offer as much room for cleaning pots, pans and bowls quite like double bowl sinks do. Measurements should be taken before you choose a double sink. Another budget-friendly option is a drop-in sink. Thanks to the drop-in sink’s overhanging lip, there is no need for a countertop internal support system.

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