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What Is the Best Treatment for Fat Reduction in Scranton PA?

Are you embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or be seen in revealing clothing because you are not happy with certain areas of your body? Even if you work out regularly and eat a sensible diet, you may find certain areas of your body remain flabby and make you look heavier than you are. Though these areas are difficult to deal with, they can be tamed through laser lipo. This treatment is quickly becoming one of the best methods for Fat Reduction Scranton PA.

Unlike other methods of Fat Reduction Scranton PA, there is no invasion in your body. You do not have to undergo any risky procedures or treatments. A laser lipo treatment sends laser energy deep into the fatty tissues in the area being treated. The energy causes the fat cells to be destroyed. During the destruction of the cells, the fatty contents are released into the surrounding tissues.

Over a period of two to three weeks, this fat and material is absorbed by the body and excreted. Since the procedure causes no damage to other surrounding tissues, it is one of the safest methods of Fat Reduction Scranton PA and can give you the most promising results. Though you will not be able to see any changes to your body right away, over a period of a few weeks your new shape will start to take form. You will notice these areas becoming more and more slimmer with each passing day.

If you want the best results, most doctors recommend patients have more than one treatment. Patients receiving a second treatment within thirty days are able to see as much as a 43% loss of fat in the treated areas. This can make you look substantially slimmer. To learn more about laser lipo, contact Viva Body Contouring Scranton PA. If you are tired of flabby areas that are uncontrollable, give them a call and schedule an appointment today. Through their services, you can be rid of your excess fat so you can finally be proud of your body. Laser lipo can give you better results than with diet and exercise alone.

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