Reasons To Consider An Upper East Side Apartment

It is important to understand that it’s not just about where you live, but how and why. For example, are you a house kind of person or would you prefer the ease of apartments or condos? Do you want all the hassles of home ownership, want to buy/lease a condo or rent an apartment on the Upper East Side? Most people frown upon the UES because they’re unsure of the area or have heard that it’s not very popular. However, that’s all changed, and you’re like to find hundreds of reasons to love the area.


The UES offers a lot of things, but also experienced nannies that can come into your home and take care of your children. However, if you don’t want or can’t afford such a luxury, you can also choose a local daycare facility. Many options are available to keep your children safe and happy while you’re at work.

Shopping and Entertainment

Whether you like the culture of museums or the nature of Central Park, you’ll be close enough to it all. Central Park is just a short walk away, in most directions, and gives you access to running paths, skating rinks, zoos, reservoirs and so much more.

If dining is more your thing, you’ll notice an exciting and vibrant restaurant atmosphere. You’ll find almost any cuisine you fancy and all within a few short blocks. Some will even deliver, making it the perfect evening in.

Education, while maybe not entertaining, is certainly important if you have or plan to have school-age children. Having an Upper East Side apartment means you’re close to a variety of excellent schools.

Shopping won’t ever be dull with the amount of boutique shops and well-known chain stores. Whether you want to shop for books, clothing or anything else, you’ll find something that suits you and your wallet.

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