How to Keep your Boat Afloat

by | May 18, 2016 | Insurance

It’s always a good idea to consider how you will protect your personal watercraft, aside from relying on your boat insurance in Chesapeake, VA. If your vessel is not easily removed from water by trailer, ensure it remains safe from any storm damage with these available options:

The Dry Dock Option
The marina where your vessel is located can place your craft in dry dock, which is a secure hanger on their premises. However, if this is your preference, do ensure your arrangements are made well in advance. This guarantees your boat will be safely secured before hurricanes and storms arrive.

The Berth Option
If you choose to berth at a dock, make sure it has sturdy pillars, as this is necessary for sheltering your vessel from water surges. Mooring lines will need to be doubled, but, leave just enough slack for rising water. You may want to install extra fenders, as this will further protect your boat against rubbing against other boats, or the pier.

The Anchor Option
Anchoring your craft in a protected harbor is another option. Just make sure it has a good anchoring bottom for a stable hold. To do so, you will require heavy anchors. The good part about anchoring is that boats are able to easily respond to wind and water changes. This way, there is less worry of striking other boats, or the dock.

The Hurricane Hole Option
A hurricane hole is a narrow, deep cove, or an inlet. Their locations are ideal since they are enclosed by trees, thus blocking any wind, while providing adequate tie-offs for your vessel anchor lines. This option provides the same benefits as anchoring in harbors, yet, with the added protection of the trees.

The size of your boat will, obviously, play a key part in what you can do to shield it from approaching storms. First and foremost, it is vital for craft owners to take out boat insurance in Chesapeake, VA, or their main location city. For more information visit Nina Ambrose Insurance Agy Inc.

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