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Safe and Effective – Maxliner Floor Mats

Safe and Effective – Maxliner Floor Mats

It’s not easy to keep the floor of a vehicle clean. Dirt and debris always end up on your vehicle floor. Maxliner floor mats help to contain it with heavy duty all weather protection. Floor mats help protect a vehicle’s carpet from water, dirt, debris, snow and gravel. Custom floor liners or mats will allow your vehicle floor to have a consistently nice appearance.

The most popular non-carpet vehicle mats for SUVs, trucks, sedans and vans are those with Polyethylene Construction. This is due to their heavy-duty construction and ability to be cleaned easily and maintained, even in the harshest environments. Vehicle mats are custom cut to fit the specific year, make and model of a vehicle. An anchoring device and grommet holes are present for all vehicles. Also, to help holds the mats in place, there are hundreds grippers on the underside of each mat that grip the carpeted vehicle floor.

Keeping Maxliner Floor Mats Clean

Polyethylene Construction allows vehicle floor mats to remain flexible for the life of the mat, making it easy to handle for cleaning. It can just be shaken off, or for more stubborn messes, it can be hosed off.

Vehicle mats are generally included with the purchase of a vehicle, but through leasing organizations, some vehicles are offered without them. Maxliner floor mats come in a variety of shapes and materials and may have grooves to capture water and dirt. Most floor liners contain molded edges and bottoms that run along the walls of vehicle’s foot wells. Vehicle mats with Polyethylene Construction are heavy duty and have high durability. Custom fit mats are specifically designed to fit only one chassis.

Safety and Regulations

Many makeshift vehicle mats are becoming more popular, often taking the form of PVC substitutes, but vehicle mats with Polyethylene Construction are still seen as the safest option.

Strict regulations in the U.S. must be followed by original equipment manufacturers especially due to recent Toyota vehicle mat recalls over their safety. They are regulated as a safety measure towards manufacturer credibility and product quality and specification.

Regulatory Factors Include:


Odor release

Performance in various heat levels

Overall, these Maxliner floor mats are a great choice for helping to keep your vehicle’s carpet interior clean.

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