Stylish flats to rent in Randburg – one of Johannesburg’s best locations

Randburg provides more than just the hustle-and-bustle of offices and shops, this well positioned and competitively priced area in the North-West of Johannesburg, has become one of the city’s most popular areas in recent years – especially where rental apartments are concerned.

The perfect location for big city living

Randburg’s position at the intersection of Sandton, Johannesburg North, and the West Rand makes it one of the most convenient places to live in Johannesburg. The Sandton CBD is less than 30 minutes away, with multiple access roads providing alternative routes during peak traffic hours. The variety of suburbs that make up the Randburg area offer a choice of comfortable flats to rent of various sizes, with a broad price range to suit every budget.

The Randburg CBD – refurbished and ready for business

Since the mid-2000s, Randburg’s once-neglected CBD has undergone a dramatic transformation. Clean streets, visible security and refurbished buildings are just some of the measures that have been taken to turn the CBD around – and the results are impressive.

A fully restored CBD will allow Randburg to attract a high calibre of retail shops and lifestyle hubs, including coffee shops, gyms, and other places where the community goes to live, work and play in a chic urban setting.

For property investors, the competitive pricing in the Randburg CBD is a major drawcard. This has created a steady supply of rental flats to meet the demand from tenants who are taking advantage of Randburg’s convenient location and desirable lifestyle.

Comfortable living in Randburg’s suburbs

For families who prefer more than just the hustle and bustle of offices and shops, the surrounding suburbs of Randburg offer a variety of homes and larger flats that are perfect for family life.

Directly adjacent to the Randburg CBD, the suburbs of Ferndale, Blairgowrie and Randpark Ridge are known throughout Johannesburg for the spacious dwellings and parkland setting. Established tall trees and small parks dot the landscape of these family-friendly suburbs, along with small shopping centres and easy access to larger malls including Cresta Shopping Centre and Northgate Mall. Access to both Johannesburg North and Sandton is extremely easy from these areas.

Live, work and unwind in Randburg

The fast pace of life in modern cities has inspired many urban dwellers to seek out suburbs that are close to their places of work, and the places they choose to enjoy themselves in their spare time. For Randburg residents, the choice of homes, flats, office space and entertainment venues means that they never have to travel far to enjoy a balanced and successful life.

Randburg’s central location allows its residents to travel to Sandton, the West Rand and almost every part of Johannesburg with ease. The area also boasts several golf courses and scores of sports and recreation facilities, as well as excellent restaurants, pubs, and picnic spots – including Brightwater Commons, a popular family venue set around a huge body of water.

Overall, Randburg’s location, convenience and excellent pricing make it one of Johannesburg’s best up-and-coming areas. As a result, the level of interest in properties for sale as well as flats to rent in Randburg, is increasing steadily.

Looking ahead, Randburg is likely to become even more popular as the demand for centrally located property in ever-growing Johannesburg shows no signs of slowing.

Jawitz Properties is one of South Africa’s premier real estate brands with our network of area specialists being well represented in Randburg. Contact us today and we will assist you to find a property that suits you perfectly.

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