Take Your Kitchen To New Level With Granite Countertops In Maple Grove

Building your dream home or upgrading your current home to a dream kitchen is a goal for many people. One of the classic elements to add to any kitchen are granite countertops. These countertops have long been the most sought after option, adding value to any Maple Grove, MN home while also giving the room a distinctive warm appeal.

Granite and Marble

As a natural stone, granite may often be mistaken for marble, particularly with some of the marble colors and patterns and with a high polish. However, granite offers several advantages over marble, including being less expensive to install.

Granite can be locally quarried right here in Minnesota, or it can be imported from different areas of the world. The different areas where the natural stone is quarried impart different colors to the stone because of the various minerals present. This gives granite significantly more color options and variations than marble. Marble tends to be more of the whites, off-whites, browns, black and gray color options.

With granite, there are colors from more of a pink or orange color to a gold fleck or green, blue or rust color. The patterns and variations tend to be more significant than found in marble, which is an appeal for many customers as it is so unique. The patterns in the stone are also more distinctive giving more depth to the look of the surface. As each slab is cut from the block, there is a slight variation in the pattern, resulting in a unique countertop with every installation.

Caring for Granite

With the options in colors for granite countertops, it is easy to see why this natural stone is the go-to option for most homeowners. In addition, sealed granite is also very durable and requires limited care or special attention. Spills should be wiped up with a damp cloth and the countertops cleaned with hot water and dish soap followed by rinsing with clean water.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners or other types of multipurpose or kitchen cleaners on granite countertops or any type of natural stone. These cleaners will build up over time to leave a film that creates a streaky or dull look to the surface.

Top granite companies will seal the granite to increase stain resistance. As there is no grout to stain or discolor, these counters are easy to keep looking beautiful and they will last for the life of the home and beyond.

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