The advantages of vehicle tuning

Car performance enthusiasts have most likely heard of engine tuning in Seattle. The changes in software considerations will normally have a huge effect on how the vehicle runs.


One of the biggest advantages of the tuning process is that it adds horsepower to the vehicle’s performance. The stock factory ECU is very conservative, but the tuning process changes power settings such that the fuel/air ration and the timing can be able to provide the vehicle with extra power and torque.

Fuel Efficiency

In the beginning, engine tuning was almost exclusively for the sake of power and performance improvements. However, engineers have found a way to incorporate fuel efficiency into the vehicle tuning process. This can be attributed to recent emphasis on environmental impact and sustainability across the industry. Fuel efficiency might be at the expense of a little horse power, but it can make a huge difference. Most vehicles have enough power than they already need for normal everyday driving anyway.


Compared to other upgrades that deliver the same results, engine tuning is pretty affordable.  A custom exhaust system can make a huge difference in the vehicle performance, but this will require much more in the way of labor and upfront cost. Tuning is cheaper, and even though the cost might seem high at first, in the long run it will be cheaper than other options.


Part of the reason why it is so cheap is because of the ease of installation. Vehicles today come with universal ports that make it easy to plug in new chips or change the existing units without even having to take apart the ECU. This reduces the necessary labor cost, making the whole process much cheaper.

The Ability to Customize

Manufacturers will normally set the ECU characteristics to a particular default, with the aim being to fit into as wide a variety of conditions or driver requirements as possible. They are also meant to be as versatile as possible when it comes to gasoline grades. Engine tuning allows the driver to enjoy conditions that are best and optimal for their driving. The vehicle is freed to work best in the conditions you live in.

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