The Complete Makeover Of The New Subaru Impreza In Naperville

Manufacturers decided that the all-new Subaru Impreza required a total and complete makeover. While many newer vehicles get a slight remodel, this one deserved a complete transformation, with over 95 percent of new parts.

Global Platform

Those living in Naperville will soon be able to enjoy the Global Platform feature. This option allows for better driving dynamics and better safety. While Subarus are well-known for being safe and reliable, this new feature will produce a smoother ride, reduce vibrations and have a more rigid chassis and body, which can lead to better steering, reduced body roll and more.

As A Consumer

If you’re thinking about the Subaru Impreza as your next vehicle in Naperville, it may be best to wait for the new version to arrive. You’ll have more interior space, a sportier low and wide exterior and much more.

Better Performance For Improved Fuel Mileage

You’ll note a 2.0-liter engine that still gets you all the power you need. Plus, the drivetrain weight is now reduced, which results in you having a sportier performance in a sedan-style vehicle. The boxer engine is still there, but it has better gas flow, higher compression, and better fuel efficiency. Likewise, the CVT is also lighter and has a wider gear range, which can improve performance.

You’ll also note an electronic parking brake, as well as higher-strength brake pads to make stopping easier. All around, this vehicle has been remodeled and upgraded to the nines.

The New Subaru Impreza in Naperville is designed to ignite a passion in almost any driver. Visit to find out about these vehicles and find one for you.

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