Why landscaping is an important part of being a responsible landlord

When you have a rental property your responsibility as a landlord doesn’t end with collecting the rent checks every month. Maintaining the property, both inside and out are what separates good landlords from bad ones. Everyone has heard at least one story of an absentee landlord, or a landlord that lets the property go into disrepair. Luckily, outdoor landscaping services in Charlotte NC can help you escape this bad reputation. Here are just a few tasks that the landscaping company can do for your rental property:

*Maintain the lawn: Mowing, seeding, watering and raking are the main duties that the landscaping company can do to maintain your lawn and keep it looking in tip top shape. These professionals will keep your lawn green and manicured. They will alert you to possible problems and issues, giving you the option of preventative maintenance.

*Maintain walkways: Whether it’s broken patio stones, weeds growing between the stones, leaves piling up, or any number of other issues, a professional company can keep the property’s walkways clear so that it remains safe for tenants and visitors alike.

*Plant and maintain gardens: As a landlord, you don’t have to plant or maintain gardens while a tenant is living on your property; but it can be a nice gesture that sets you apart from other landlords and can keep your tenants there longer, thus giving you a more stable income. They don’t have to be elaborate or expensive; a few planter boxes, and some annuals along the walkway will go a long way toward making the property look better.

Outdoor landscaping services in Charlotte NC can be an ideal solution if you do not have the time to do the work yourself, or you do not live close by. Your tenants are sure to appreciate your efforts and you’ll build your reputation as a responsible landlord.

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